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How-To: Installing a Bedroom Door Handle

We will be looking at a step-by-step guide on installing an interior door handle on a pre-cut door. Although handles can be of different shapes and styles, the install is usually pretty similar. Also, there are different steps to achieve the same results, this is the method that I found to be effective for me.

Tools Required: Door handle set, impact driver, Phillips bit, Phillips screw-driver, chisel, pen/pencil and hammer. (Note: All the hardware, such a screws, should come with the handle set.)

STEP 1: Taking a look at our door handle set, we should have the center-piece, both sides of the handle, the frame faceplate, and all the screws that go with it.

STEP 2: Moving to the pre-cut door, we first have to pre-fit the center-piece to make sure it properly sits inside the opening. Once checked, we take the centerpiece and trace the face of it with our pencil. The goal is for the face of the centerpiece to be flush with the door. (Note: The tracing should be level and plumb with the door.)

STEP 3: We now take our chisel and hammer to carefully chisel the door to the proper depth. The proper depth is to have the faceplate of the center-piece flush with the door. (Note: The door is easily damaged with excessive force, especially chiseling in the vertical position. Take care to have minimum damage to the door.)

STEP 4: With the chiseling done, we take the centerpiece and screw it on with our impact driver and the provided screws. As we screw it in, we must check that it is still level and that the interior portion is sitting well within the handle hole.

STEP 5: With the centerpiece firmly set, we take both sides of the handle and connect them through the hole. They should connect smoothly and firmly with a female and male end, while also going through the centerpiece. Once set, we take our Phillips screwdriver and tighten it down through the holes with the provided screws. (Note: Make sure the locking part of the door handle is on the proper side. As well as when tightening we want the face of the handles to be level with the door; not crooked. Make sure you do not over-compress the sides together. The handle will not feel smooth.)

STEP 6: Moving onto the door frame, if we are lucky, the pre-cut hole will fit perfectly with our closing pin; if not, we will have to adjust it. First we will mark the center of our pin by closing the door and marking the center of the pin as we see it. Once marked, we take a look at the hole.

STEP 7: We then take our frame faceplate, and line up its center with our marking on the frame. We want the closing pin to slide smoothly into the hole. If the hole of the frame does not match up with the hole in the faceplate, we must chisel with our hammer and chisel. (Note: The faceplate must also sit flush with the door frame. Meaning that if your holes do not match up, we must also trace the faceplate and chisel until everything is flush.) Once properly set, we can use our impact driver and provided screws to firmly secure the faceplate to the frame.

In the end, we should have a door that opens smoothly, locks in place firmly, and looks great. For more clarification or more detailed visuals, please see the attached video. This is one way to install an interior door handle.

Below is the additional video for reference.

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